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The company has its own manufacturing facility which is located in town Vrsac on the east border of Serbia. The distance from the capitol Belgrade, where company’s headquarters are, is ~80km. The manufacturing facility has 970m2 of floor space divided in three production segments: lamination area, cutting and trimming room, painting and finishing area and assembly area.

The complete production hall is newly renovated (2012.) and fulfils all the requirements for the production of the high quality advanced composite structures. The equipment list includes central vacuum stations, central compressed air supply, full post-cure capabilities, electronic dosing stations for epoxy resins, air-coniditioning and atmosphere control, ...etc.

We have several ovens all of which are all PLC controlled with central automated system. This contemporary control enables us to control both temperature and temperature gain and to monitor and log the temperatures in all the ovens from a central location. Even more, the ovens could be monitored and temperature logs could be retrieved from anywhere in the world while the control itself is limited to the production facility. “WING” d.o.o. is ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

The main post-cure ovens are:

WING” d.o.o. has incorporated the comprehensive personnel training which includes practical skills and theoretical class for the workers in order to provide them with elementary knowledge of the composite materials theory.