The company is founded by Prof. dr Tomislav Dragovic, professor on the University of Belgrade and our country’s leading expert in aerospace engineering. The company was founded in 1992. as solely design and development company, specializing in the field of flow analysis and design of high performance rotors.

The company started its manufacturing business at the beginning of 2001. but its tradition can be traced back to the early 70’s through the projects led by Prof. Dragovic. The completed projects that led to the production also include: first Yugoslav all-composite sailplane VUK-T, advanced composite rotor blades for Gazelle (main rotor blade) and Mi-8 helicopter (tail rotor blade), design of advanced composite agricultural aircraft and many more projects in the field of advanced composites.

Initialy production was oriented towards industrial products, large and medium diameter rotor blades for cooling towers, products for wich WING d.o.o. is still sole producer on domestic market.

Shortly afterwards the production has expanded and curently scopes complete primary and secondary structures for general aviation, VLA and ultralight market and wind energy industry.

In the year of 2006. the company opened it’s own modern production facility with air-conditioning, atmosphere control, walk-in computer controlled post-cure ovens, electronic dosing stations, contemporary electronic production tracking and all the necessary condtitions for the production of high quality composite structures.

Contact Information

  • Headquarters:
  • WING d.o.o.
  • Kosovska 8 st.
  • 11000 Belgrade
  • tel: +381 11 3030588
  • fax: +381 11 3033397
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