“WING” d.o.o. started the production of composite wind turbine blades incorporating experience and knowledge from aerospace applications. Precision craftsmanship in the design of the blade moulds and production tools together with highly trained and experienced workforce gave us an excellent position for successful manufacturing of wind turbine blades.

Thoroughly considered choice of materials together with high quality blade construction and production processes characterize WING d.o.o. rotor blades by great strength, excellent fatigue properties and high level of safety.

Constant development and swift adjustment to new market requirements is ensured with WING d.o.o. scientific and manufacturing potential.

So far “WING” d.o.o. is manufacturing several types of blades for small and medium size wind turbines ranging from 6 to 75kW.

As a subcontractor for production of both smaller and large wind turbine blades “WING” d.o.o. offers to it’s potential clients several crucial advantages: The company management is composed of aerospace engineers who can act as advisers for the structure solutions aerodynamics of the products, the company production facilities are located in the north-eastern part of Serbia offering easy access to the EU countries to the north and developing countries to the east, it is the only company in the region with high expertise in production of advanced composite structures.

The capabilities of “WING” d.o.o. include:

Production techniques:

  • Vacuum infusion
  • Hand lay-up

Advanced composite structures:

  • Thin laminate
  • Vacuum sandwich construction
  • Single spar, Multi-Spar, D-Spar construction


  • Epoxy reinforced composite structures
  • Reinforcements (E-glass, Carbon, Aramid, ..etc.)

Contact Information

  • Headquarters:
  • WING d.o.o.
  • Kosovska 8 st.
  • 11000 Belgrade
  • tel: +381 11 3030588
  • fax: +381 11 3033397
  • e-mail: