“WING” d.o.o. main fields of activity are:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Manufacturing

of rotor blades for small and medium size wind turbines.

“WING” d.o.o. is the only company in the region capable of design and manufacturing of rotor blades for wind turbines out of advanced composite materials. The production, quality control procedures and structure solutions are based on the company experience in the aviation constructions.

The company is equipped for the manufacturing of large rotor blades as well. Present production capabilities enable the company to manufacture rotor blades of up to 25m in length.

So far the company has developed a large number of rotor blades for various small and medium size turbines.

One of the main advantages is also ability to provide small scale and large batch production making the “WING” d.o.o. ideal partner for both start-up and large well established companies.

Contact Information

  • Headquarters:
  • WING d.o.o.
  • Kosovska 8 st.
  • 11000 Belgrade
  • tel: +381 11 3030588
  • fax: +381 11 3033397
  • e-mail: