“WING” d.o.o. is specialized in prototype and limited quantity production runs for the start-up initiatives and limited production runs.

We have the complete tool-box for the design and development of molds and tools for both small and large composite wind turbine blades.

Our precision and quality standards for high quality tools development come from large experience in aviation products.

The company has its own modeling department and experienced partners for CNC milling of master models and temporary tools.

As we have done in past, we are able to lead or assist in our partner’s projects right from the first idea up to prototype production and development of large series production molds and tools.

Contact Information

  • Headquarters:
  • WING d.o.o.
  • Kosovska 8 st.
  • 11000 Belgrade
  • tel: +381 11 3030588
  • fax: +381 11 3033397
  • e-mail: