The design of rotor blades is balanced integration of aerodynamic, structural analysis and dynamics, choice of different type of composite materials, production technology and overall economy.

The design of modern rotor includes choice of blade number, airfoil, chord and twist distribution. Additional criteria are reliability, noise and aesthetic considerations. The blade design process is multi-objective and generally include two optimization functions, maximum annual energy production or minimum cost of energy.

According to the specific demands, our engineers together with our customers are working on preliminary design of new composite rotor blade. Close collaboration with our customers assures that all of our customer wishes are implemented in the new product.

To optimize minimum cost of energy requires a multi-disciplinary method that includes an aerodynamic model, structural model, along with cost models for the blades and all major wind turbine components.

To calculate and improve design characteristics of rotor blades, engineers and researchers of our company apply the most accurate approaches used in aviation industry.

For the small and medium sized wind turbine blades our company is specialized in custom designed solutions, believing that uncompromised energy capture is key element in today’s wind energy market.

All the blades that our company supplies to its clients are custom designed for specific wind turbines, this have considerably contributed to very high energy capture of these turbines and superior performances in low-medium wind speed range. Through this approach the overall efficiency of small and medium size wind turbines is in the range of modern, state of the art large machines.

Experience that we have from aerospace applications is the best foundation for ability to design and develop new high quality product.

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